About Us

ulisHEE Photonics Labs is a spin-off of the University of Latvia, Institute of Astronomy (part of Association FOTONIKA-LV –www.lu.lv/FOTONIKA-LV). The company was founded to commercialize research results as well as to participate in various scientific projects related to space photonics. Some engineers of the staff was envolved into everyday service of Satellite Laser Ranging station in Riga. Their lively expertise allows us the development of advanced optical systems for earth observation and high precision universal satellite laser ranging for observation and tracking of unknown flying objects, and laboratory test. The leading scientists of HEE Photonic Labs has long term and multidisciplinary experience in development of space and military optical systems since sowiet times. Totally 7 high precision SLR instruments for tracking of unknown space objects has been designed by this team members, produced in Riga and installed in Metseahovi (Finland), Potzdam (Germany), (Ukraine – 4)  and Riga (Latvia), as well as about 50  various space-related optical devices over the world.