Satellite Laser Ranging

shematic1 ESLR is satellite laser ranging  offering a number of attractive new features

 An advanced calibration and testing system for a faster alignment process before and during ranging

  • Ranging of small one and/or set of closely spaced objects (space debris) Additional data from the field sensor for orbit calculations.
  • The modularity of the system allows for easy modification and step wise upgrade of the instrument
  • Patent pending telescope construction with the autocollimator system allows improved interoperability enabling ESLR to obtain additional space object’s coordinates in real-time
  • The overall system performance enables for precise observation of objects at lunar distance and beyond.
  • Simply and reliably construction, easy assemble, easy to adjust and align. Mobile, located in standard container, adequately equipped, it can be transported by ship, rail or truck.
  • Ready for integration of optical communication channel


ESLR project incorporates several novel approaches

 The telescope’s main optical system (primary mirror 630 mm) has aberration free long direct focus (~32 m), transmission channel for better outgoing laser beam collimation (2 arcsec in far zone) and another focus (~4.6 m) for receiving and control channels

  • Specific design of the telescope’s optical and mechanical systems allows the use of different power and frequency lasers
  • ESLR optical system design allows the use of high power laser for small Space object finding not equipped with retroreflectors as well as far space objects (Moon distance and beyond). ESLR provides modular, optically replaceable laser system (different frequencies, repetition rate and output power, including high energy one with up to 20 J per pulse
  • The new event timer is based on digital signal processing, results in high performance and reliability
  • Specific telescope construction with autocollimator for the instrument coordinate system aligning to the Earth gravity vector gives more precise adjustment and interoperability, and ability to obtain space object coordinates on observation spot in real-time immediately
  • ESLR operation software is highly automated and has easy-to-use central operator interface to command and control.